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The Strand Magazine, No. 102

Published June 1899

Volume 17: Jan-Jun 1899
* No. 97 (January 1899)
* No. 98 (February 1899)
* No. 99 (March 1899)
* No. 100 (April 1899)
* No. 101 (May 1899)
* No. 102 (June 1899)
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Next volume: Volume 18: Jul-Dec 1899.

About the Strand Magazine
A monthly magazine founded by George Newnes. It was published in the United Kingdom from January 1891 to March 1950. Probably the most popular of the 'illustrated periodicals' popular in late Victorian and Edwardian times, the Strand Magazine had a regular circulation of over 400,000 copies a month for many years.
The typical Strand Magazine issue contains a mixture of serialised stories for adults, general interest non-fiction, and material for children. Much well-known fiction was first serialised in the Strand Magazine, most notably the short stories featuring Sherlock Holmes, written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The magazine is highly illustrated, normally containing well over 100 illustrations in every issue.
  • An Extraordinary Story, by Neil Wynn Williams
  • The Sinking of the "Merrimac", by Richmond Pearson Hobson
  • A Master of Craft, by W. W. Jacobs
  • In Nature's Workshop: VI. Animal and Vegetable Hedgehogs, by Grant Allen
  • In a Tight Fix, by Victor L. Whitechurch
  • Switzerland from a Balloon, by Charles Herbert
  • Laura, by Basil Marnan
  • A Peep into 'Punch': VI. 1870 to 1874, by J. Holt Schooling
  • Hilda Wade: IV. The Episode of the Man who Would Not Commit Suicide, by Grant Allen
  • Rearing a Derby Winner
  • Wanted--A Bicycle, by Bernard Capes
  • Animal Actualities: XIII. A Chip of the Old Block, illustrated by J. A. Shepherd
  • Illustrated Interviews: LXV. Miss Ellen Beach Yaw, by M. Dinorben Griffith
  • The Good That Came of It!, by Annie O. Tibbits
  • Humour in the Law Courts, by "Briefless"
  • The Benevolent Bus, by John Oxenham
  • From Behind the Speaker's Chair: LII., viewed by Henry W. Lucy
  • The Tax on Moustaches, by H. J. W. Dam
  • The Rontgen Rays in Warfare, by Herbert C. Fyfe
  • A Unique Mining Contest, by M. Donaldson
  • Made of Money, by George Dollar
  • The Seven Dragons: IV. The Ice Dragon, by E. Nesbit
  • Curiosities
  • Index to Volume 17

Volume 17
Publisher George Newnes, Ltd.
Year 1899
Pages 204
Language English
Book contributor ed. George Newnes
Collection thestrandmagazine; magazine_rack; additional_collections
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The Strand Magazine
The Strand Magazine
The Strand Magazine
The Strand Magazine
The Strand Magazine